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Autoclose N Stop Safety Gate

Autoclose N Stop Safety Gate

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This Hauck metal safety gate is particularly useful as it closes automatically from both sides thanks to its magnetic lock. The gate for doors and stairs can be used for openings between 75 - 80 cm. If you wish to childproof a larger opening, you can buy the separately available 9 cm and 21 cm extension, as well as the Y-Spindle for round stair railings. One extension + Y spindle can be used on each side of the gate, making a maximum of two extensions possible. The gate's assembly is very easy. It is fixated in between doors or stairs with four fixing screws that work with pressure. They simply need to be twisted until the closing mechanism engages. By using this installation system, no drilling is necessary and annoying holes in your wall are avoided. The gate's door can be opened by adults with one hand only leaving the other one free for your child. When letting go of the door, this bounces back and closes automatically. For safety, the green/red indicators on the lock show whether the door has closed correctly. Thanks to its double closure mechanism with pulling and lifting, babies and toddlers cannot open the door.

By using the separately available extensions of 9 cm and/or 21 cm, you can use the Autoclose N Stop 2 for openings up to 122. The following measurements and combinations are possible:

  • 75 - 80 cm = safety gate only
  • 84 - 89 cm = safety gate + separate 9 cm extension
  • 93 - 98 cm = safety gate + separate 9 cm extension + separate 9 cm extension
  • 96 - 101 cm = safety gate + separate 21 cm extension
  • 105 - 110 cm = safety gate + separate 9 cm extension + separate 21 cm extension
  • 117 - 122 cm = safety gate + separate 21 cm extension + separate 21 cm extension
Please note: This product is a self-adjusting safety gate i.e. tilting of the side part is corrected by tightening the fixing screws in the frame, thus enabling a secure position and parallel fixing of the side parts in the area of the closing mechanism.


SELF-CLOSING GATE - This safety gate is particularly safe thanks to its self-closing system and its two-phase indicator that guarantees visual safety, too. The Autoclose'n Stop is ideal for door frames and stair railings with a width of 75 - 80 cm. Expandable up to 122 cm with extensions. 

WITH SAFETY INDICATOR - Thanks to its patented magnetic lock, the safety gate closes automatically in every possible opening angle. The two-phase indicator guarantees additional safety - the gate is open by red and safely closed by green. This way, you will always be on the safe side.

PRESSURE FIT - The Autoclose'n Stop safety gate is installed via clamp bolts in between door frames or walls. Ideal for flats or at your grandparent's as it does not leave any marks when removed.

EXTENDABLE - Thanks to the individually usable extensions, you can child-proof narrow and wide passages (up to 122 cm). Extensions of 9 cm or 21 cm are available separately.

OPTIONAL Y SPINDLE - Those who have round stair railings can use the Y spindel together with the extensions of 9 cm and 21 cm for the safety gate's fixing.

OPENS TO BOTH SIDES - The Autoclose'n Stop has an automatic closure system and can be opened with one hand only by adults - in both directions - and recloses automatically. This way, you will always have one free hand for your little one.

Features and Benefits

  • Self-closing safety gate from both sides
  • For openings 75 - 80, optional extensions up to 122 cm
  • Two-phase color indicator for additional, visual safety
  • Door opens to both sides with one hand
  • Easy installation with pressure fit
  • Fixable on round stair railings with Y spindle
  • Optional extras: 9cm or 21cm extensions (sol separately)
  • Possible Protection Area(s): 75 - 80 cm (Gate Only)
  • Safety Gate Height: 77 cm
  • Easy to mount without drilling
  • Self-closing
  • Safety Indicator
  • Extendable
  • Age Suitability: 0 - 24 months
  • Built up Dimensions: 1,5/4 x 75-80 x 77 cm
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