Exploring Britax Römer's Spin Seats: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Car Seat

Discover the diverse range of spin seats crafted by Britax Römer within their car seat collection. Our aim is to guide you through the assortment, aiding you in selecting the ideal seat to suit your needs. Whether it's the seamless transition from follow-on seat to modular system, the flexibility of multiple recline positions, or the assurance of a seat accommodating up to 20kg, we cater to your child's safety and comfort from birth to 7 years old.  Let us introduce you to the DUALFIX family and the latest launch from Britax Römer SWIVEL spinning from newborn to 7 years – WOW!


Suitable from 3mths - 4yrs

Part of Britax Römer's modular system, the DUALFIX 5Z is the ideal follow-up to the BABY-SAFE PRO. It effortlessly clicks onto the ISOFIX VARIO BASE 5Z, ensuring superior protection and snug comfort for countless journeys until your child reaches four years old. Designed for children from approximately 3 months to 4 years (61-105 cm tall), its integrated SICT absorbs side collision energy, keeping your child safe. The 360° rotation of the VARIO BASE 5Z allows for both rearward and forward-facing use, facilitating easy access in tight parking spaces.


Suitable from 3mths - 4yrs

Suitable for children from around 3 months to 4 years (61-105 cm tall), the Britax Römer DUALFIX PRO M is the next step in your child's journey. Offering flexible safety, it features 360° rotation for effortless rearward and forward-facing positioning. Integrated SICT technology ensures protection in side collisions, while 12 recline positions and a V-shaped headrest provide support and comfort as your child grows. Its rotation mechanism allows for easy adjustment without disturbing your little one.


Suitable from 3mths - 4yrs

The DUALFIX M PLUS from Britax Römer is a user-friendly car seat offering all-around flexibility. With its 360° rotation, it provides optimal convenience while seating, harnessing, and removing your child from the car. Suitable for children from 3 months to 4 years (61-105 cm tall) and up to 20kg, it ensures reliable safety throughout their growth.


Suitable from birth - 7yrs

Meet SWIVEL from Britax Römer, your lifelong travel companion! Suitable from birth to 7 years (125 cm), it simplifies car rides with its 360° rotation for easy access. With adaptable features, including multiple recline positions and a cozy newborn insert, SWIVEL grows with your child from infancy to school age. Its deep, secure side wings and robust support leg ensure safety and stability, making it your trusted partner on your parenting journey.

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