We take a conscientious approach to sustainability, as we know that operating a business takes it tole on the planet, but we are constantly working to minimise our impact as much as possible.

Kaliedy Brand

At Kaliedy we believe in doing our bit for the environment. We believe less is more so the choice of materials is of paramount importance. That is why all our own brand Kaliedy products use no plastic packaging and use only environmentally friendly materials.

We would ask that you also do your bit and make sure that the packaging ends up in the right place; your recycling or compost bins. Or better yet repurpose it for another day!

Our Delivery Packaging
here are a first few steps we have taken to adhere to our sustainable policy:

Recyclable cardboard boxes & tape
We use non-dyed, brown fully recyclable cardboard boxes. To seal our boxes we use gummed paper tape, which is the only tape that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Unnecessary paper
We won’t use unnecessary ‘pretty’ paper or extra packaging within our deliveries.

Compostable mail bags
Our mailer bag is 100% compostable, it can be composed at home and commercially.

FSC certified
Even our branded sticker is printed with soy-based ink, on acid free paper that is FSC certified.

100% carbon neutral
Our delivery partner DPD have a commitment too and have achieved a 100% carbon neutral parcel delivery across Europe.

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