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If the time has come to introduce your baby to solid foods we have plenty of baby weaning products to help you through this stage. From highchairs, to easy grip cutlery and divider plates we have lots of products to try help you navigate your way through the weaning process. Your little one will have so much fun learning to feed themselves.

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Weaning FAQ's

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How do I know if my baby is ready to start weaning?

Between 17 and 26 weeks (4 to 6 months), your baby may begin to show some signs they are ready to start eating solid food.

Your baby should show more than 1 of these signs before you think about introducing solid foods. Especially if they are 17 weeks.

Signs your baby is ready for solid food:

  • They are able to sit up with support and can control their head movements.
  • Co-ordination - they can look at food, pick it up and put it in their mouth by themselves.
  • They can swallow food instead of spitting it back out.

These signs show that your baby is ready for you to introduce foods other than milk.

How can I make the weaning process easier?

Offer a variety of foods, be patient, and let your baby explore and play with their food. Make mealtimes a positive and enjoyable experience by sitting together as a family and offering praise and encouragement.

When to begin weaning

Babies develop at different stages. Begin introducing solids when your baby is ready.

This should be when you're baby is about 6 months old.

Do not start solid food before 17 weeks (4 months).

What solids to start your baby on

You might want to start with single vegetables and fruits.

Try mashed or soft cooked sticks of:

  • parsnip
  • broccoli
  • potato
  • yam
  • sweet potato
  • carrot
  • apple
  • pear

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