What are the advantages of using a pacifier?

What are the advantages of using a pacifier?

Founded in 1978, BIBS is an exclusive, premium Danish brand for infants, toddlers, and little kids, as well as their parents. Their COLOUR pacifier was their first product, and it is still a top seller and a favourite among parents all over the world. Throughout the years, BIBS have extended their selection to match their target audience’s needs and grown into a children’s brand that provides premium alternatives for contemporary families.

Babies have an innate sucking reflex from birth. They satisfy this compulsion with the mother’s breast, a pacifier, their thumb, or something else. It is not only a vital reflex for the baby to get food but sucking also has a calming effect on the baby, reminding the baby of something safe and familiar in this new and exciting world they have entered.

  • They assist with soothing the baby and helping them drift off to sleep;

  • Reduces heart rate and blood pressure while decreasing stress levels acts as an analgesic;

  • Can help with pain relief;

  • Comforts the baby and gives them assurance when they are upset;

  • Possibly helps to reduce the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)*

What is the point of having so many BIBS pacifiers?
Babies come in all different shapes and sizes, as do their preferences, sucking techniques, and mouth anatomy. Therefore, they offer multiple varieties of pacifiers to accommodate these differences. It may be necessary to try out a few different options in order to find the best fit for your child. Some babies may have a preferred nipple shape, size, or material while others are not picky and will take whatever you give them!

Not sure what pacifier to choose?
Not sure what pacifier to choose?Do you want to try the BIBS collection box? It has soothers from four categories (Colour, De Lux, Supreme, and Couture), each with a variety of nipple styles (Round, Symmetrically, and Anatomically) and materials (Natura Rubber Latex and Silicone). Test the different pacifiers for you and your baby to find the perfect BIBS pacifier.


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