Falling in Love with Your Pregnant Body

Falling in Love with Your Pregnant Body

I have always loved pregnant bodies. I think women and pregnant people can look at their most glorious at this amazing stage in life.  However, objectively thinking pregnancy is beautiful, and being pregnant yourself- and feeling beautiful, are two different things.  I should know as I HATED my pregnant self.  It’s a horrible thing to admit, and something I really regret not enjoying more. I felt uncomfortable, definitely not beautiful- it was as if someone had taken over my body! I couldn’t get my head around it…

Why I felt that way about my pregnant self is something I have since examined in detail.  I really wish I had the knowledge then that I did now.  But, ultimately what I loved more than anything about being pregnant was all I learned: you don’t have to feel negatively about your fabulous pregnant self!

You can check out the IGTV on the physical changes that are normal in pregnancy on the Kaliedy Instagram. But, here are a few things I wish I had done to love my physical pregnant self! 

1: Take lots of bump pictures

I only have a few bump pictures and I so regret it. I look back and realise how lovely I did look- even if I didn’t feel it at the time.

2: Enjoy your new body- it will be gone before you know it

The physical changes such as breast development& belly growth should be enjoyed! Our bodies are meant to change , and never be the same, after pregnancy because you are growing a human!

3:  Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how gorgeous you are!

Sounds silly but telling yourself how lovely you look is the first step to making it a reality and feeling it.

4: Talk about it!

If you are feeling challenged or scared, talk about it. We like to highlight all the good stuff about pregnancy but that sometimes doesn’t hold space for people to express how they are really feeling. Getting stuff off your chest to someone else can feel like a weight has been lifted.

5: Don’t comment on pregnant bodies.

As a society for some reason, we forget that women and pregnant bodies are human beings with feelings and hormones raging. Saying your bump is ‘HUGE’, ‘Tiny’ or any other physical comment can cause immense hurt. Let’s just stop doing it. If you don’t have anything nice to say then just don’t say anything.


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