Could we have just tried out the best new travel stroller on the market?

Could we have just tried out the best new travel stroller on the market?

It’s that time of year again when we are excited to think about jumping on a plane, train, ferry or into the car with our little ones in tow to enjoy our holidays and begin new adventures. The team at are delighted to announce that we have added to our range of travel-friendly, lightweight and compact strollers with the stunning new Hexagon, Influencer and MF Plus strollers from the award-winning Leclerc Baby range

Whether it’s for travelling abroad, domestically or just having a great, dependable daily run around, the Leclerc Baby range ticks all the boxes. The Leclerc Baby range folds away snugly and will fit in any overhead locker or take up little space in a tight boot. It’s great to have one less thing to think about! Hand luggage, not oversize. 

The one-touch, one-hand fold mechanism was tried and tested by the kaliedy team, and we loved it; slick, easy to use and reliable. The fold-away is an easy to use mechanism that worked well for parents and, equally as importantly, for the grandparents. It is sturdy, extremely comfortable and feels safe but not heavy. The stroller has a feature-rich design and premium finish. They come fully assembled in the box with a travel bag, rain cover, cup holder, footrest, under-seat basket and a bumper bar. There are no shortcuts to features and accessories. 

The stroller range is suitable from birth, has an excellent recline mechanism, extendable hood for better shade from the sun, and extra ventilation built-in. They also have a high backrest for additional support for older kids and a superior brake mechanism to ensure your little ones stay put! 

Introducing the Leclerc Baby Range

The Hexagon collection is the most luxurious and exclusive design within the Leclerc Baby stroller range. the rich combination of luxurious perforated artificial leather and suedine makes this pram a real eye-catcher.

The Hexagon buggy is perfect for travelling because it's super compact and easy to fold and unfold with one hand. due to its lightweight, you can easily carry it in your hand luggage on the plane when you are travelling.

The Leclerc Baby Influencer helps you stand out from the crowd. This lightweight compact stroller is without a doubt the trendsetter in the market. It combines stunning colours, beautiful materials, and a super comfortable one-touch auto-fold mechanism.

Just one touch is all it takes...... to fold and unfold your stroller. the mechanism will do the rest. this allows you to open, close, and store your stroller using just one hand. the Leclerc Baby MagicFold Plus is produced according to the highest quality and safety standards and comes with four essential accessories.


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