Top Tips For Nappy Changing

Posted: 05 February 2021

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Top Tips For Nappy Changing

Nappy changing a wriggling newborn baby can be a tricky affair, but we have some tips that will hopefully make that task a little easier.  

1.  Be Prepared! 
Firstly when it comes to changing your baby make sure you have all that you need at your fingertips; changing mat, nappies whether it be disposable or re- usable, wipes or cotton wool and any other toiletries you may need. Keeping these in all one place and at the ready can make all the difference when the baby needs changing quickly. Here is what you need at the ready:

  • Spare nappies
  • Wipes or Cotton Wool
  • Barrier / Nappy cream
  • Spare set of clothes / baby grows 

A nappy caddy is also a good to have, making it easy to carry around the house to wherever you may be changing your baby. Some of the Mum’s on the Kaliedy team recommend having a few of these located about the house as you never know where disaster will strike! 

Another little tip is to use a muslin or soft towel on top of the changing mat making the surface little less cold on your little ones bottom when they’re being changed (if you want to be really lovely you could have them warming on a radiator). 

2. Location, location, location!
Choosing where you change the baby is also an important factor, making sure it is a comfortable place for both you and baby. This may be on the floor, on a changing unit, or on a cot top changer. Generally a position that is waist height is best as it will save your back!  Wherever you choose to change your baby just make sure everything is within your reach.

A good tip for night time changes is to have a soft light on in the room. This helps keep your baby in a relaxed mood or if they are somewhat still asleep, it prevents them from waking fully.

3. Out and About. 
Your changing bag will be like your own new hand bag - it needs to fit all your must haves so make sure you pick one you are happy to carry around. Bear in mind that you will need to fit nappies, wipes, bottles, change of clothes and anything else you may need on the go. 

4. Entertainment! 
Having your baby calm and distracted when changing their nappy can make all the difference, but thesis may not happen all the time - so don’t worry. Try and use this time to bond with your little one and maybe introduce some massage into your changing time. 

If they are in full worm mode, try having some bright and colourful toys to hand to distract them for a few seconds while you pull off some ninja moves to get the nappy on and off!

Always remember to stay with your baby at all times and to never walk away from them whilst changing them. Remember to wash your hands before and after changing them - something we are all a little bit more familiar with these days!!

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