Top 10 Travel ‘Must-Have’ Companions for Tots

Posted: 20 May 2022

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Top 10 Travel ‘Must-Have’ Companions for Tots

Top 5 for Baby

Here comes Summer! And with it, travelling fun and exploring the great outdoors. Whether you’re staycationing or venturing to warmer climes you may be thinking ‘what do we need to pack’. To help you, the Kaliedy team have helpfully picked out their top 10 'must-have' travel companions for baby and toddler! 

1. Changing Backpack

Done by Deer changing backpack

The No.1 must-have when travelling with baby is a multi-functional, space-saving ‘Mary Poppins’ bag.  We love the Done by Deer changing backpack because its spacious design combines functionality, long-lasting design, and sustainability. Here at Kaliedy, sustainability is important to us and we think it’s the cherry on top that 38 PET bottles are being recycled when manufacturing both the outer fabric and inner lining. The backpack feature gives you the freedom to roam hands-free and bring along all your baby essentials and we think it's beautifully stylish too! What more could you ask from a brilliant travel changing bag? Click here to shop the Done by Deer changing backpack

2. Insulated Bottle Carrier

Insulated Bottle Bags

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Insulated Bottle Carriers are a lightweight and compact pack of two bottle carriers for taking your baby bottles with you when you are out and about. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Insulated Bottle Carriers have excellent thermal properties, so they will keep your baby bottle cool or warm as required. They are designed to hold Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles up to 340ml, although you can also use them for food jars as your little one grows perfect for feeding on the go. Click here to shop Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Insulated Bottle Carriers

3. Microwave Steriliser Bags

Microwave Steriliser Bags

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Sterilisation Bags are ideal for cleaning breast shields, milk collection bottles, teats, pacifiers and many more microwave safe plastic products. Each bag can be used 20 times and will sterilise in around 3 minutes. Compact and lightweight, they are ideal for either use at home or while on holiday or out and about. Click here to shop Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Sterilisation Bags

4. Suzy the Portable Baby Soother

Suzy the Portable Baby Soother
Suzy the portable baby soother from Zazu is a sound module with 6 different pre-set relaxing sounds such as mimicking a mum's heartbeat, white noise, lounge music, ocean sounds, lullabies and shushing. Shushing is repeatedly playing SSHHH... SSHHH... and is a doctor proven technique to stop babies from crying. After 20 minutes Suzy automatically shuts off. Select your preferred sound level and the cry sensor enables the most recently played sound. Its Velcro strap makes Suzy a good companion for the nursery as well as on-the-go. Click here to shop the Suzy the Portable Baby Soother

5. Buggy Cooling Pad

 Buggy Cooling Pad
Keep your baby cool on the move with this ingenious gel cooling mat from Little Life. Made with a clever hydrophilic cooling gel which provides an instant cooling sensation for hot skin on contact with the pad. Its universal design means it will work with most buggies, pushchairs and strollers. Click here to shop the Little Life Cooling Pad

Top 5 for Toddler

1. Kaliedy Harness Backpack

Kaliedy Harness Backpack

We recognise that safety is a top priority for parents, that's why we recommend having reins when travelling with toddlers. Allowing them just enough freedom, but peace of mind for you. The Kaliedy Harness backpack comes with detachable reins perfect for keeping toddlers safe and close by when out and about.   As your child grows you can adjust the straps on the backpack to comfortably fit your toddler. They can carry some of their own possessions as the backpack has a large main compartment. Click here to shop the Kaliedy Harness backpack

2. ELC Mini Artist Scribbler Jungle

ELC Mini Artist Scribbler Jungle

My Frst Scribbler is ideal for enjoying mess-free art at home, and also has a carry handle to take drawing fun with you on long journeys or holidays. It comes complete with three chunky drawing tools for your toddler to create all kinds of exciting pictures then simply swipe clean again and again. Designed especially for little hands to use, the three tools are a monkey pen, a zebra roller pen, and an elephant stamper. Even the littlest hands can easily hold these chunky tools, which click back into the scribbler for easy storage. Your toddler will soon learn to swipe the scribbler clean with the crocodile so they can start again. Click here to shop the ELC My Frst Scribbler

3. Travel Booster Seat

Travel Booster Seat

The Babymoov Travel Booster Seat is a handy booster seat which your little one can take on the go - perfect for meals out and especially handy when out and about on holiday. It conveniently converts from a booster seat into a backpack, so it's easy to carry. Click here to shop the Babymoov Travel Booster Seat

4.  ELC Soft Stuff Letters and Numbers  

ELC Soft Stuff Letters and Numbers

The ideal way to get creative, have fun, play, and learn, this Soft Stuff Letters and Numbers set will make an excellent addition to your toy collection. With eight tubs of dough in a mixture of different colours, alongside letters, numbers and shape cutters and moulds, this set has everything you need for hours of learning fun. Perfect if you’re staycationing and want to keep young minds and hands busy on a rainy or quiet day. Click here to shop the ELC Soft Stuff Letters and Numbers

5.  ELC Zoomer Scooter

ELC Zoomer Scooter
It’s time for a scooting adventure with the Blue Zoomer Scooter from Early Learning Centre. The Zoomer Scooter for city breaks, a trip to the park or just around the playground.   Kids will love learning to scoot around with this bright Blue Zoomer Scooter. They can ride slowly at first as they learn to steer, then zoom along a little faster as they become experts. With an included brake, children will feel confident and in control. Click here to shop the ELC Zoomer Scooter

So there we have it, the TOP 10 Travel ‘Must-Have’ Companions for Tots from Kaliedy. Share this blog with other parents who might find the top 10 list helpful for their travel plans.

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