Staycationing with Judy Gilroy & Baby Stella

Posted: 01 July 2021

Staycationing with Judy Gilroy & Baby Stella

Holidays with a baby aren’t really a holiday, my friends told me. You still have to get up at the crack of dawn every day and be home every evening, ready for bedtime at 7pm. Throw in naps, feeding and everything in between and its not exactly akin to a spa break.


Our First Family Holiday

A spa break it may not have been, but our staycation in Ireland and Stellas first ever holiday to Dunmore East was a like a breath of fresh air. Yes, we had to jam the car full of baby paraphernalia and, yes, at times we felt totally limited by Stellas routine, but to get out of Dublin and away to the seaside after many long months in lockdown with a small baby was just magic. While I was terrified that we wouldnt have the right baby essentials or that Stella would suddenly stop sleeping at night, I was so excited to take her on her first ever trip away.

We were lucky to be staying in a house, rather than a hotel for our staycation which was great for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Stella had her own bedroom like she would at home. So, although she had to get used to sleeping in her travel cot instead of her regular cot, everything else about her bedtime routine was able to remain unchanged. She slept well which meant that we slept well. And, even better, we were able to have a break and a bit of space when she went down for naps or went off to bed for the evening.


Baby Stella on her first staycation


Baby Essentials to Bring on a Staycation

We got the Maxi Cosi Iris Travel Cot for this trip and I would definitely recommend it. It was super easy to assemble and fold up again, it looks good, and Stella seemed to sleep well in it. Kaliedy have a great range of travel cots to check out. One of the best pieces of advice I got around sleep was to bring a used sleeping bag (the one she slept in the night before) so that she would have that familiar scent. We also had her Sophie La Giraffe comforter which follows the same principle.

At home, Stella would sleep in a very dark room so the other sleep product we were very glad to have with us was our Tommee Tippee Portable Blackout Blindto block out the light. To my surprise, we had no issues at naptimes or bedtime and Stella slept like a baby for the entire trip.

The second bonus of staying in a house over a hotel was that we had a kitchen, making her mealtimes that little bit easier. Of course, we fed her on the go where we needed to but having a kitchen meant that we could feed her breakfast at home every day and prepare everything, including bottles, without any hassle or special requests in a hotel restaurant. It also meant that we had a freezer so I was able to take pre-cooked and frozen meals with us in a freezer box, and not just the supermarket pouches I use for her when we are on-the-go.

I picked up a couple a of great feeding products for this trip including steriliser bags and hot/cold flasks for on the go but the real hero piece for me was the Chicco Pocket Snack Chair. Stella loves her high chair at home so it was brilliant to have something similar to sit her in while on holidays. The Chicco Pocket Snack folds up so its nice and compact and it fastens securely to a standard kitchen chair.

The one item I really missed while away was something to bath Stella in or a non-slip mat for her to be able to sit in the big bath. I will be sure to bring a Clevamama Non Slip Bath Mat on our next staycation and to check out the portable bath options on Kaliedy. We had to make do with top to toe washes because the big bath was so slippy and made her very upset but this was fine for a few days.


Would highly recommend the Chicco Pocket Snack Booster


Top Tips for a Staycation with Baby

My top tip for anyone who is travelling with a baby is to be as organised as possible & both before the trip and while you are away. Wake windows can be quite limited with a young baby so you really need to plan your days to make the most of your time while you are away. We got the BABYZEN YOYO Stroller for our trip and we always had it ready to go, along with Stellas changing bag at the door, so that we could get going and get out of the house the second that she woke up from her nap.


Our Babyzen Stroller was a Lifesaver!

Next time we head away I could definitely be more organised with my own things. Stella had everything you could possibly imagine you might need for a baby on holidays but I forgot to pack some pretty basic items for myself! I guess that’s mum life for you! Overall, we survived our first staycation and even enjoyed it. It didnt include any lie ins, but it did leave us with memories that we will treasure forever.

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