Kaliedy Crew Panel

Here at Kaliedy we know that real reviews are so valuable when making big and small purchasing decisions. There is also a whole new world of products to choose from when becoming a parent with new technology and terminology to get your head around.To try and those decisions a little easier we have created a group of real Mums and Dads called the Kaliedy Crew Panel. For six months these lovely people will be trying, testing, comparing, and reviewing products and services we provide. They will be chatting through their likes and dislikes, their best buys and we are so looking forward to hearing and seeing what they have to say!

Meet Helen

Meet Helen

Hometown: Drogheda

About your family: I got married before Christmas to Alan. We are expecting our first baby, due in November! We are very excited!! 
I am the youngest of 3 siblings and have 7 nephews and 1 niece.

Favourite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid

Favourite childhood toy? Barbie or Polly Pocket

Why did you apply for the Kaliedy Crew Panel? As a first time mum to be, I was overwhelmed by the choice and sheer volume of products! I also noticed it was difficult to find honest and unbiased reviews for many of the products. I joined the Kaliedy Crew Panel so that I could help other mums to be to find useful and worthwhile products!

Meet Gearoid

Meet Gearoid

Hometown: Originally from Bandon (Cork), but living in Lucan (Dublin).

About your family: In March of this year we welcomed baby Teddy into our family. Teddy has two fur baby sisters in Leia (3) and Danaerys (4) - it’s amazing to see how he reacts with them. Parenthood has been life changing- it is a steep learning curve but my wife, Aishling and I are truly embracing it. The poonamies and sleepless nights are worth it when he looks up at us and gives us a smile!

Favourite Disney movie? The Muppets Christmas Carol, we watch it every Christmas at the cinema - looking forward to sharing this tradition with Teddy.

Favourite childhood toy? Mantaforce. It was a spaceship that I received from my aunt one Christmas. It had hundreds of crew members (little parts) so it always took a while to tidy up afterwards - my mother really appreciated my aunt's gift that year.

Why did you apply for the Kaliedy Crew Panel? Since the moment we found out that we were expecting Teddy I’ve been reading, watching and subscribing to reviewers of baby products every single day. The open and honest reviews from parents who are in the exact same journey as us have been most helpful. A lot of reviews are also written for and targeted to mums rather than dads or guardians - so I hope I can bring a fresh perspective to the reviews. A lot of the reviews that I read and watch are based outside of Ireland and it can be difficult to buy the products afterwards - so I’m delighted to be able to join the Kaliedy Crew and help Irish parents find products that can be purchased from an Irish company.

Meet Pamela

Meet Pamela

Hometown: Kildare Town 

About your family: Myself and my husband Ger are the very lucky parents of Willow. We are first-timers and enjoying the wild and wonderful adventure that is parenthood! We have a cockapoo called Winston who is Willow’s best four-legged friend.

Favourite Disney movie? My favourite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid and Willow’s is Moana. We loved Coco too. 

Favourite childhood toy? My favourite childhood toys were my doll Pollyanna, my Wendy House and my play-kitchen. To go slightly retro my Fischer Price telephone was always a hit and who didn’t love a slinky? 

Why did you apply for the Kaliedy Crew Panel? I applied for the Kaliedy Crew Panel because I’m always looking for new ideas and products to stimulate Willow and to support her development. I know Kaliedy is an amazing online business providing so many great-quality items for parents and children. I’m excited to try our new products each month and offer an honest review to other mums and dads.

Meet Shannon

Meet Shannon

Hometown: Tipperary

About your family: Mammy to a very energetic 3yr old little girl who absolutely loves the outdoors, arts and crafts and soon to be big sister to a little brother in November.

Favourite Disney movie? Hocus pocus

Favourite childhood toy? Barbie/Sega mega drive

Why did you apply for the Kaliedy Crew Panel? I saw it as an amazing opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone, grow my confidence and connect with others. Having previously made purchases and having such an amazing experience with being a customer I am more than proud to be a part of such a fantastic brand that I love and believe in.

Meet Maria

Meet Maria

Hometown: Limerick

About your family: It’s a busy but happy house right now with our son Beau, an active 2 and a half year old and our new addition Loah, a little 5 week old cuddle fiend.

Favourite Disney movie? My sister and I loved The Lion King, I still know all the words! I’d say I’d be a nightmare to watch it with.

Favourite childhood toy? I had three sisters growing up so the Barbie collection was extensive and generally followed the storyline of Knots Landing. Why did you apply for the

Kaliedy Crew Panel? Reviews and recommendations are gold when you’re selecting from the huge range of options out there - everything from assembly and user experience to how to clean and ease to store. I grew up on a farm and really appreciate having the right tool for the job! As a parent it makes a huge difference to have a product you and your baby love and better again if it makes life a little easier. Even on my second I still lean into friends and reviews when choosing so I was delighted when the opportunity came up with Kaliedy to pay it forward.

Meet Laura

Meet Laura

Hometown: Dublin

About your family: My partner Lennie and I have 2 sons, Sam and Miles. Sam is aged 3, soon to be 4 and Miles is about to turn 1. We love the outdoors and going on adventures. 

Favourite Disney movie? Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Mulan

Favourite childhood toy? Spirograph

Why did you apply for the Kaliedy Crew Panel? We are always on the lookout for products to make life easier and more organised and always relied on others' recommendations with our first born, now I feel we are at a good stage to give a little back. The boys are growing so quickly and are always eager to learn new things so finding products, toys, books, etc to suit their growing minds is something I am keen to stay on top of.